Test-C 300 (10 packs (100 amps / 1 ml (300mg/ml))) USA-UK


Admission Test-C 300 by Magnum Pharmaceuticals is designed to rapidly gain quality muscle mass and increase physical potential. It is recommended for athletes during the period of intense muscle drying.

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It is possible to buy Test-C 300 10 packs (100 amps / 1 ml (300mg/ml)) Magnum Pharmaceuticals in USA-UK at an affordable price, and you can even save a lot. It is important to understand that a working drug of original quality in any case cannot be too cheap, because this is the work of many specialists and expensive equipment. The price of Test-C 300 is fair, according to the quality of the product. In order not to run into a self-made, hazardous to health drug, or deception, choose our reliable online store, and do not chase after cheapness!

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10 packs (100 amps / 1 ml (300mg/ml))


Testosterone Cypionate